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Torah Study

As Rabbi Shneur Zalman once said:

"We have to live with the times." When pressed to say what he meant he said, "With the Sidrah of the week and the Sefirah of the day. You meet another G-d wrestler and the two of you start comparing notes and you realize that you are both on the way to Sinai."

Each Shabbat morning we gather to read, discuss, question and explore that week’s Torah portion in sessions led by Mishkan rabbis, members and friends of the community. Together, we become both teachers and students.

Torah Study takes place every Shabbat morning from 9:00 - 10:00 am on the third floor, in the Chapel or the Library. Open to adults and teens, members and visitors. Torah Study continues thru the summer, beginning at 9:30 am.

Seasoned Torah Study facilitators and first-timers alike are welcome to lead. To sign-up to lead Torah Study or to learn more, e-mail Rabbi Eugene Fleischman-Sotirescu.

To confirm for any given week, please see our calendar.

Mon, October 2 2023 17 Tishrei 5784