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    Welcome to Mishkan Shalom!

We are a dynamic, diverse, progressive and inclusive Jewish community with an outstanding Congregational School, an array of adult education opportunities,  a community of Tikkun Olam activists and more. All who share our Statement of Principles are warmly welcomed to  join us. For more information, please contact Rabbi Shawn and staff.

Below are highlights of upcoming services and programs. For our complete schedule, please see the calendar.  For the latest from our rabbi, staff and members, check out Kol Shalom, our monthly newsletter. 

A message from Rabbi Shawn Zevit and the Mishkan Shalom Leadership, April 7, 2024:

After an agonizing six months of suffering, starting with the atrocities committed in Israel, followed by relentless destruction in Gaza, Mishkan Shalom calls on all parties for an immediate sustainable ceasefire.

It is past time to count the dead. Gaza is being demolished, and its people and culture destroyed. We are Jews with a profound love of our traditions and our people, and a profound dedication to justice born of our own history as an enslaved and slaughtered people. Now we are forced to witness grave injustices, massive killing, displacement, and an imposed deliberate famine for the entire civilian population in Gaza. We cannot turn away. We cannot stand by. 

We can and must stand on the side of all humanity and cry out for peace, now and going forward.

We call on Israel and Egypt to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza immediately from all borders without restriction.  We call on Hamas to release all the hostages taken on October 7th. We call on the international community to urgently demand an end to this violence, and to protect the sacredness of every soul, every life, in Gaza, Israel, and the West Bank. All of these must happen, but first, the killing must end.

Please see as background the recent statement from HIAS, one of the most respected non-profit International Jewish Organizations Click here

Given the ever-changing situation, for more resources and places to contribute, please go to Mishkan Shalom’s Israel-Palestine webpage,  Israel-Palestine Resource Document, and the Reconstructing Judaism movement's website:  Reconstructing Judaism

Interested in Congregational School?


  We are enrolling students in our school for 5784. 

  Our school year started in September, but it is ok to join us anytime.

  Information about our congregational school can be found here

  To learn more, please contact the Director, Holli Goldenberg.

Are you a Mahjong Player?

We have a lively and dedicated group of Mah Jong players at Mishkan Shalom!

Interested in joining them, meeting new friends and being a part of it? Contact Susan.

Mazel Tov,

 Rabbi Shawn!  


on receiving an honorary Dr. of Divinity from Reconstructing Judaism upon his 25th year as a Rabbi on May 23, 2023! Rabbi Shawn also celebrated his 10th year at Mishkan Shalom! Mishkan Shalom celebrated with Rabbi Shawn this milestone event on Saturday, June 3rd with Nefesh Mountain.

Thu, July 18 2024 12 Tammuz 5784