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At Mishkan Shalom, we follow the calendar of Jewish holidays with depth and joy throughout the year celebrating the full round of holy days and holidays. Watch for details as each of our holiday celebrations approach. Find details on past holidays, and general resources as you explore below. 

Yamim Nora'im: Days of Awe:  (in person and zoom accessible) 

 Calendar of Services and Additional Information 

Please check out Rabbi Shawn's 5784 RH sermon: RH Video  and to read the RH sermon

Returning to the Home of Our Soul: As we gather in person and online we will enter the Jewish Year of 5785 together.  Who will we become during these times, individually and communally? 

Each of us has had discoveries and losses, breakthroughs and disappointments, moments of isolation and meaningful connections. The Yamim Nora'im - The Days of Awe, ask us to face the truth of our circumstance, strengthen communal bonds to live in solidarity with all beings, and explore for the long haul, the connections and tools for resiliency.

Sukkot, Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

Sukkot Day 1 10a.m. Shabbat Morning, (outdoors at Mishkan Shalom in sukkah, weather permitting). Torah study;  Sukkot Service including Hallel with Rabbi Shawn Zevit and Rabbinic Intern Noah Dor Lind.

1pm Walk the Talk: Join Steve Jones for a guided hour and a half outdoor experience in which participants learn about “reading” the natural landscape as a text. Participants walk in the nearby Wissahickon forest, observe the elements of the natural world, learn about ecological relationships, and study short Jewish texts. 

Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah  Evening Potluck and family program outside in the Mishkan Sukkah 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m. with Rabbi Shawn and Rabbinic Intern Noah. Celebrating the end of the fall holiday cycle and the completion of the year-long cycle of reading the Torah. RSVP for in-person is required  

 Shemini Atzeret/Simchat Torah 

9:00-10:00 a.m.- Torah study: R. Eugene Fleischman Sotirescu (In person/online)

10 a.m.-noon- Shabbat Shemini Atzeret/SimchatTorah with Rabbi Shawn and Rabbinic Intern Noah. 

Chanukah/ Hanukah/ Hanukkah!

However you spell it, you can be sure we are eager to celebrate the Festival of Lights this year! Members are also invited to JOIN us for our annual tradition of nightly  candle lighting on zoom! Please check Mah Hadash for more information and links. 

As you prepare for the holiday, here are:  5 important things to know about making latkes!

Tu B'Shevat

Each year Mishkan Shalom hosts a community  Tu B'Shevat Seder for our members. In more recent years, this Seder has both in-person and online for all of our congregants to enjoy. There is sacredness in this connection. 


Purim is celebrated with great joy each year at Mishkan!  We celebrate with a creative service, progressive Megillat Esther reading, and customized spiel each year Purim evening. The Sunday morning before or after we collaborate on a Purim Carnival which is held at Mishkan Shalom or Or Hadash. Check the calendar for details. It is one of the highlights of our year! 

Here's a Purim Pie-in-the-face video! for fun.



Mishkan Shalom offers an overflowing plate of gatherings, services and resources to help you prepare for and celebrate the Passover holiday and explore ways of Counting the Omer. See our full schedule and access all resources.         

SEVEN WEEKS OF THE OMER FROM PASSOVER TO SHAVUOT. Join us in weekly practices of spiritual middot (qualities) to cultivate a good heart in preparation to receive the Torah on Shavuot:

  1. Hesed (Lovingkindness)    2. Gevurah (Discipline)           3. Tiferet (Compassion)           4. Netzakh (Endurance)

  5. Hod (Humility)          6. Yesod (Connectivity/Generativity)     7. Malkhut (Immanence/Self-Realization)


Shavuot: Celebrate our Feast of Weeks. Mishkan often celebrates Shavuot with other area congregations. Please check the calendar for details.

The Ten Commandments/Utterances or Aseret HaDibrot, the conclusion of the Omer, the first harvests and cycles of the earth, the nature of Revelation, having an all-night study session, reading from the Book of Ruth, eating dairy foods ...many traditions are associated with this third of the traditional pilgrimage holidays.

We will again partner this year with the Germantown Jewish Center and P'nai Or for a combined program. For details, e-mail

7:00-7:30 PM: Arrival and Refreshments

7:30-8:15 PM: Welcome from P’nai Or, Mishkan Shalom, and Germantown Jewish Center

8:15 PM: Ma’ariv: Evening Service

9:15 PM - 4:30AM: Multiple workshops throughout the night on a variety of themes and teachers from participating communities

4:45AM: Concluding Service at Dawn

 For a quick guide, click here. 

Resources from Reconstructing Judaism


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