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FAQ and Benefits

Mishkan Shalom Covenantal Membership Categories

Approved by the Mishkan Shalom board March 24, 2021, Revised April 2022, further revised and approved by the Congregation, June 11, 2023.

One who settles in a community for thirty days becomes obligated to contribute to the charity fund together with the other members of the community. One who settles therefore three months becomes obligated to contribute to the soup kitchen. One who settles there for six months becomes obligated to contribute clothing with which the poor of the community can cover themselves. One who settles there for nine months becomes obligated to contribute to the burial fund for burying the community’s poor and providing for all their needs of burial. Maimonides MT 9:12 

In the Fall of 2020, the Membership Team began to consider new membership categories. This initiative was in response to the changes in congregational attendance accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and in response to increased online offerings and interest from prospective members. In March 2021, the Mishkan Shalom board unanimously approved these additional online member categories in keeping with the Mishkan Shalom Bylaws. In April 2022, the “OnLine Friend” access was further clarified:

Mishkan Bylaws: Section 1. MembershipAny person who is 18 years or older, who seeks to become part of a Congregation committed to the ideals and purposes of this Congregation as expressed in the Mishkan Shalom Statement of Principles, and who is Jewish by birth or choice, the partner of a Jew, or the parent of a Jew, or in special circumstances a non-Jewish person who wishes to affiliate with Mishkan Shalom, may become a full member of the Congregation by making a formal pledge toward their self-assessed dues. The Board has the authority to establish categories of membership. (June 2023 revision)


            Full member (yearly renewal July 1-June 30)

Welcome to give at any self-assessed level  Membership Levels - Mishkan Shalom (

Online Friend (yearly access (July 1- June 30th).  People who live outside Mishkan Shalom’s geographic area more than 1 (one) hour away and may or may not be members elsewhere. Receive weekly zoom links. Recommended annual contribution is $180 and up.  Commitment to our Brit HaMishkan/Community Covenant and Statement of Principles. Covenantal Membership is required for all, though understandably there are limits or differentiations in volunteer involvement for those only online.



High Holy Day Access  
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services (with request for voluntary HH contribution for all) YES
Family High Holy Day Services IN PERSON ONLY OR ZOOM, IF OFFERED
Year-Round Benefits  
Shabbat & Holiday Services YES, AS AVAILABLE ONLINE
Community Programs, Guest Presenter, Member and Rabbi's Offerings & Classes YES, AS AVAILABLE ONLINE (REGULAR “MEMBER” REGISTRATION FEES MAY APPLY)
Weekly Ma Hadash and Kol Shalom Newsletter YES
Clergy Access for Lifecycle Events or Pastoral Support At Rabbi’s discretion
New Member or Online Orientation and Celebration YES
Voting Member NO
Eligibility to Enroll in Hebrew School NO
Mishkan Listservs, Acts of Caring NO
Mishkan Shalom Membership Directory NO


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we offer online services and programs alongside in person offerings?

  • Yes, some offerings will remain wholly online. Other online access where we are in person will vary.

What is the relation of these new ways of connecting to our annual High Holy Day services and contributions?

  • Self-assessed donations to join us for the High Holy Days will remain in place for all concerned in all circumstances. We do not issue tickets but donations are invited as in prior years for all participants. High Holy Day contributions may be counted toward membership should you decide to join.
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